"I have been trying to emulate the film look and this is the most complete explanation I've seen for a behind-the-scenes look at editing and the differences between film and digital."

Deniane Kartchner

NEW!! The Hybrid Editing Guide is now available! One of the most frequent questions I receive from other photographers is how I edit my photos. This guide walks you step-by-step through my entire creative process, including detailed editing instructions. 

The Hybrid Editing Guide includes sections on equipment, shooting in different types of light, how I shoot both film and digital, and how I bring both together into a cohesive gallery. The included editing videos show exactly how I edit my digital to match my film scans—without the use of presets. You also receive access to full wedding galleries to see the final product I deliver to my clients and how I incorporate both film and digital on a wedding day. The guide includes camera settings for all images, as well as many before and after comparisons. 

Hybrid Editing Guide


The Hybrid Editing Guide is delivered in PDF format and packed full of info on my entire creative process. 

The Guide

The guide includes editing videos showing step by step how I edit my digital images to look like film. 

See the final product I deliver to my clients, as well as how I incorporate film and digital on a wedding day. 

Full Wedding Galleries

Editing Videos


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